Oh Please..

"So how come you're the one leading me today?" I asked, trying to make conversation with Leo as we went up the stairs. Looking over his shoulder, he gave me a mock smile and asked, "Why? D'you miss your stable boy?"

Puffing out my cheeks in anger, I muttered defensively, "He's not my stable boy."

"Then why did you ask about him?" 

I groaned. Leo was coming back to the topic I'd been trying to avoid for so long. Why did he think I was interested in Damien? Because, really, out of all the guys in the whole wide world, Damien would be the last one I'd ever form feelings for. 

There was just something completely off about him; and not in that pitiable way that one might imagine. His desperation to have a girl might work like a charm on others but to me, it was just flat out annoying. 

And now Leo started up this whole 'stable-boy' business again. If he didn't shut up, I'd have to do something about him. I didn't want Damien around to hear all that.

"You better not mention that when he's around us," I whispered, feeling the need to be secretive.

He grinned. "You won't have to worry about that. He hasn't come to school today."

The End

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