"Lookie here mister," I hissed, turning around with my finger raised to jab Damien on the chest. But when I looked up, it wasn't Damien. Surprised, I squeaked, "Leo?"

Chuckling lowly to himself, he took a step forward and crouched down lightly to level with my height. . "Who were you expecting, the sparkle toofus?"

"The...what?" I asked, confused. 

Grinning, he stepped back and nudged me forward. "If you want to get to class on time, follow me." 

And so I did. Once again, I was being led through unfamiliar twists and turns of the hallways, climbing up unknown staircases and so much more I could not keep up with. All I tried to do was figure out what Leo had just called Damien, I believe. I could use it for future reference.

But as quick as the moment had passed, so had my memory.  

The End

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