Déjà Vu

The sun beat down on my back, beads of sweat clenching uncomfortably against the back of my tee. Its' rays didn't hide as the heat of the day conveniently blared down on me, causing me to squint against the sudden sunny climate that had appeared.

Maybe I should reconsider walking to school everyday if the weather turned out be like this on a regular routine.  I was only a few minutes away from the school yet it felt like I'd die by the time I got there.

Forcing myself to power-walk, I strutted into the campus within a few minutes. I was late. Glancing at my watch, I knew better than to start out my second day of school like this. First days are alright. If a new student shows up late on the first day, all the teachers would say is 'ah, poor girl, must have gotten lost on her way to class'. But by the second day, they'd expect me to know my way around.

And additionally, this morning I had Literature first period. And we hadn't had that class yesterday, so yet again, I was the lost (and late) girl for the second day in a row. 

Fumbling with the pockets in my bag, I opened the zips and retrieved the crunched up map. Flipping through the page to the 'right one' that Damien had showed me (snottily I might mention), I stared at the lines. 

They still seemed like Greek to me. 

But yet again, at the perfect moment and with perfect timing, he came to my rescue.

"Stranded again are you?"

The End

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