Thoughts on a Walk

After finishing my breakfast (and making sure I took my time with it), I yelled goodbye to my father who replied from his in-home office room and left the house. Today, I took my phone with me because I just might be going to dad's office after school instead of back home. 

Dad had mentioned something about us hanging out and having a 'fatherly-daughterly' date after he finished working. And if we were still following the same schedule he'd set out a few days back, that would be today. 

Nevertheless, I'd rather take my phone to school anyways. Listening to some music while doing work in class might help calm my mind, and also avoid chances of talking to Damien. If he knew I was occupied, he might not bother me (though the chances are quite slim).

The walk to school was prolonged. I took very slow and measured steps as I didn't quite look forward to starting school this Thursday. I didn't know what to expect from 'stable boy'. Sometimes, he didn't seem so bad. Like yesterday, just for a split second there I'd seen a different side to him and I considered the possibility that maybe he was just putting up an act.

But then he starts acting all "Johnny-Bravo" like and it's just so frustrating. Who should I believe he is? 

The End

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