A Horrible Start to a Sunny Morning

"Good morning darling."

I groaned weakly and my dad raised an eyebrow at my reaction as I plopped down onto the chair with a murderous expression on my face.

"Don't say that word," I muttered.


"Don't ask." 

Now it was my dad's turn to grumble at me, frowning, "What can I do?"

I hated to be rude to my dad but I was still peeved about the events of yesterday. And as much as I resented him inside for the divorce being the reason of our moving here, I decided not to take out the brunt of my frustration on the one man in my life who didn't annoy me as much.

"Well, for starters, you can tell me how work was," I said with a forced smile, fetching myself a quick bowl of warm milk and cereal. 

My dad's frown deepened as inklings of doubt appeared on his face. "Are you actually interested in knowing?"

"No," I said in a perfectly honest voice. "Your borrowing financial adventures don't interest me one bit but it's polite to ask, yes?"

Rolling his eyes at me, my father murmured something to himself under his breath and walked out of the kitchen with a mug of coffee in hand. Oh well, if he didn't want to share, that was quite alright. He can suit himself. 

The End

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