The First Two Texts

Before he could say anything, I jammed at the red button on my phone and stared at the screen. Chewing on my lower lip, I contemplated on what to do. Now that the Dark Lord had my number; he would continuously torture me with cheesy lines and random calls. How much more of this will I have to take?

The phone buzzed a single time and on the screen displayed:

You have 1 new message.

"And so it begins," I croaked, my head falling back against the mattress in defeat. I knew it was from Damien. And I knew that reading it would annoy me further yet I hated leaving my inbox highlighted and so I clicked on the 'open' button.

Sorry if I took you by surprise. Have a good night then.

Sighing, I crept out from under the covers and rested my head on the pillow. Maybe I really am being too hard on Damien. 

The phone buzzed again. Opening the second message, it read:

I wish you a good sleep doll. I know you'll dream of me. =P Love me while you have me. ;)

That was it. Shutting the phone and practically throwing it at the table, I turned away from it and closed my eyes; forcing sleep (and secretly praying to God that I truly would not have Damien appear in my dreams).

The End

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