Night-time Arguments

I stuttered, released a mangled gasp. This could not be happening. Inside, a small voice in my head laughed at me, saying 'Speak of the devil. Ha!

"Oh sorry, correction. Your stable boy." I could hear that cocky grin in his voice. The image of his face appeared in my minds eye and shocked me to life.

"How in the world did you get my number?!" I half-shouted, anger and frustration leaking into my voice. I heard a grunt through the wall, my father stirring in his sleep. Lowering my voice to a whisper, I hid underneath the cover and hissed into the phone, "Are you stalking me?!"

"Leo gave me your number," he replied, laughing. 

"How does he have it?"

Damien laughed once again, a sound I'd grown used to but still continued to anger me like nothing else could in this world. "He's the class president. He has everyone's phone numbers. But enough about him. How are you darling?"

I spoke through gritted teeth, deeply suppressing the urge to shout, "Do not call me that. Ever."

"Fine," he muttered dejectedly but the next second, cheered up again,  "Just for tonight then."

I groaned weakly and rolled onto my side, closing my eyes. "What do you want Damien?"

"I just want to talk to you, is that a crime?" He asked.

"No but it's-" I checked the clock -"eleven o'clock! Can't you just wait for tomorrow?"

"Nope," he teased. "I know you won't talk to me tomorrow. Besides, Nick told me that you guys walked home together? So you prefer him over me, huh?"

"Yes. Yes I do. Now good night and leave me alone."

The End

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