An Unexpected Call

The thin beam of light that seeped in through the slight crack of my door disappeared. I heard footsteps shuffling around on the surface of the floor and then a door being shut. Dad had gone to bed. What time had he come home anyways?

Too lazy to even check what the time was now, I lay on my back and stared up at the ceiling. How many more nights would be spent this way: looking up blankly, and trying to figure my life out? It's not that my life is as bad as most people have got it. All I've endured is my parents' divorce and typical teen guys trying to get on my nerves. But I couldn't help but wonder: when next will I have to move once more and live in a whole other city?

Dad promised that this is where I'd finish school once and for all, and hopefully attend university too.  The city had pretty good universities scattered around and not only would that be convenient for my dad but supposedly for me too. The only thing I was yet to figure is if I'd be willing to continue my upper level education here. It would certainly mean seeing a lot more of the Dark Lord. 

The sudden buzzing of my mobile against the surface of the bed-side table caused me to jump slightly. I'd put my phone on silence mode - hoping to have a good sleep tonight but to no avail I was still awake.

Sighing, I picked up the phone and answered, "Hello?"

"Hey May! It's stable boy." 

It's the end of the world, isn't it?

The End

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