Just My Luck...

I had the house to myself throughout the rest of the evening. Dad came home late at night. He worked as a finance consultant for a multinational company that offer consultancy services to other businesses. I'd grown used to him returning home at late hours ever since the first grade so it came as no surprise to me as I spent another night having dinner by myself. By the time he came in, I'd already gone to bed. And though I was snuggled up under the covers of my blanket and pretty comfortable in this new room of mine, I couldn't shake off the feeling of dread that enveloped my stomach.

What was going to happen tomorrow at school? And the day after? Two more days I had to put up with - of Damien drama and Leo's mock teasing - before the weekend arrived. Nick felt like my life-saver at the moment; the one person I truly could enjoy my time with but how long would I be able to rely on him?

I had to form a plan; otherwise, my whole school life would go down the drain. Not only was I hanging with two incessantly annoying boys but I was also interacting quite a lot with three rather popular guys within the school population. Not only would that attract unnecessary attention but something else I truly wanted to avoid: drama. 

Sighing, I turned over, my mattress bouncing slightly as I frowned in the darkness. I hadn't been expecting any of this when I'd moved here. I hadn't thought that I'd meet the most pig-headed boy on the planet, and I certainly hadn't predicted that he he would be hitting on me. It was all just my luck really.

The End

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