Officially Invited!

It shouldn't have come as a surprise. I mean, Nick had only just told me in the past couple of minutes that he wasn't single. Yet, I couldn't  suppress the shocked 'O' formation of my mouth. Nick, however, found it amusing. 

"What's wrong with me meeting up with my girlfriend?" He asked, a curious grin on his face.

"Nothing, I just didn't think of you to be the kind of guy who meets up immediately after school," I said slowly.

Nick's grin widened and he slightly slumped his shoulders. "In that case, you're right. I'm not."

"Then wh-"

"Amy demands a rather large proportion of my time," he said in somewhat of an irritated voice tinged with sweetness. What an odd combination. He then shook off his slightly exasperated expression and said cheerfully, "But I love her. She's amazing."

"Really? I want to meet this Amy," I said. It would be nice to have a girl friend. So far, all the humans I'd befriended today were boys (exception of Damien - I didn't consider him to be a part of my species).

"Then you shall," Nick smiled. "There's going to be a party at my house this weekend, and she's going to be there. It's your best chance of meeting her any time soon as she's swamped with school work."

"I'm coming!" I said, clearly excited.

Nick laughed and muttered, "I'll warn her about you."

Punching him lightly, I stuck out my tongue then slowly sauntered up the front porch, waving at Nick as he walked down the street. Poor guy - succumbing to girlfriend torture. 

The End

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