Finally Home

The rest of the walk home was filled with Nick's continuous and excessive flirting (which pestered me more than the intended effect). When we rounded the corner to my house, I couldn't have helped but have felt more relieved than I ever had in my life.

Not that Nick was a problem. Out of all the guys I'd met in my new school so far, he was the best. But I felt a temporary revulsion towards the male species coming on (which may or may not be as a result of Damien's very existence). The thought of finally reaching home made me want to jump with glee.

Letting out a happy sigh, I turned to Nick and gave him a small smile. "We're here." His eyes looked past me, scanning over the house in front of which we'd come to a stop.

"Not too shabby," he said, poking me on the hip. I rolled my eyes at him and muttered, "Coming from you, that's probably a compliment but I'm not taking it as one."

He grinned and shrugged, "Up to you May. Anyways," he looked down at his watch and then cringed at the mental image that must have popped up in his mind. "I should probably be going now or else she'll kill me."

"She?" I asked, taking interest in this new change of subject.

"My girlfriend."

The End

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