Men Are Such Idiots...

Yet Nick's cocky, almost arrogant, smile didn't wear off as he continued to walk me to my house. Though I tried making conversation with him, the past few minutes of an embarrassing misunderstanding I'd made of him seemed to be imprinted into his memory as he kept shooting me these peculiar looks.

Finally, I couldn't take it any longer.

"Why?" I huffed, slapping my hands together with a loud thwack that caused Nick to jump.

"Why what?" Again, that grin. Oh, how much I wanted to strangle him right about now.

"Why are guys such blood-boiling, irritating creatures?"

Nick's eyebrows raised slightly at my question (which had been more of a statement actually) but his smile didn't waver. "We do try," he replied with a wink.

Groaning, I let my hands fall down to my side, as I muttered, "Let me get this straight. So if a girl shows the slightest of interest in a guy's love life, you men grow so proud of yourselves, am I right?"

Nick shook his head, laughing. "Not much as 'proud' as a 'Wow, I'm awesome' realization." Grin widening at the murderous expression that crossed my face, Nick nudged me on the hip and said, "You know I'm only joking."

Oh how much I wish you really are.

The End

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