All Was Well

The dull scent of the tarmac side-walk and the polluted city air hit me as I walked in a hurry, out of the school building. Swarms of students surrounded me, all with the intent purpose that we shared of going home. But I had an urgency like no other.

Camouflage Makayla. Blend in. And don't let Stable Boy see you.

That was the one thought that pounded in the corners of my mind, urging me to walk faster as the mass of students dispersed onto the campus. Most of them were heading towards the school car parking lot - where the buses, or their own cars, would be located. But I'd told my dad I'd walk back home on the first day. It wasn't actually quite that far in terms of distance but the traffic jams along the crowded streets were what caused my house to seem miles away.

But at the rate I was walking in, I felt pretty confident that I'd arrive at my house in a matter of five minutes. I power-walked across the green campus, heading towards the school gate by which cars were meant to enter our high-school section. Not many students seemed to be taking that route but a good number noticed me as I huffed and puffed my way out.

All seemed to be going perfectly well, until I heard that voice.

The End

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