I wasn't completely finished with my angry rant. I had a lot more to say, but it wasn't Leo who should be on the receiving end of most of it. With a loud huff, I picked up my pen and decided to get productive. Wasting my time on silly boys would not be worth it. 

The next half hour passed in silence, and I was glad that the work the teacher had assigned me was engaging enough for the time to pass by quickly. The bell interrupted me just as I was about to start on some grammar, shrieking to life overhead. Without a word, Leo dropped his hands to his side, cracking his knuckles before standing up and hauling his bag over his shoulder. He walked over to the front desk, smacking his hand down on the surface to grab his workload before glancing at me.

With that lazy smile imprinted on his face still, he asked, "You done, nerd?"

Feeling quite flustered, I answered with an icy glare, standing up and chucking everything into my bag before storming towards the door. Before I left, I looked over my shoulder once more, trying to form a retort in my mind but the moment I saw that mocking smile on Leo's face, fury bubbled within me. Curses!

Knowing better than to start a fight on the first day, I walked out without a second glance back. Besides, right now, I should be enjoying my freedom. The first day of school was finally over! And I had survived it (barely).

Whether that was supposed to create some joy inside me, I did not know. But I was going home. That comforted the screams of anger that were so close to being released out of my mouth.

I can take care of myself till I got home. No longer would anyone bug me...

Or so I believed.

The End

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