First impressions are usually very wrong. I've always known that and know better than to judge a person from their outer looks. When I first met Damien though, I'd completely broken the belief I had for myself. Not only did he look like a monkey but he acted like one too. The predictions I'd made of him grew to be quite accurate. But with was a special case...

He looked so calm, and like more of a silent type. Though, of course, that would lead me into thinking he's unpopular or just flat-out boring but he wasn't classified as an outcast as I'd seen so far. No, just like Damien and Nick, Leo was popular as well.

But something about him completely threw me off. Whether it was his 'devil may care' attitude or just the whole mysterious act going on...I couldn't break through his front. And for some reason, that really bothered me.

"So, what are your plans for this weekend?"

I released a sigh, dropping my arms back onto the surface of the desk as I turned to face Leo, the features of my face pulled tightly into an expression of irritation.

"Look here you mini-buffoon."

He raised an eyebrow, lips curving upwards but didn't say anything as he watched me go on.

"You can go ahead and join your boss, Damien, and make fun of me. But don't you dare pretend like you're interested in knowing the details of my life to only hand it over to the Dark Lord, also known as, big mush-head of a friend you have named Damien. Alright?"

The End

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