Hidden Motives

Denial was the first thing that escaped my mouth.

Slamming my hand hard on the surface of the desk, I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks, boiling as I stuttered on words. "That's n-not true!"

Leo smiled, coolly shrugging as he laid his head back, closing his eyes in the most relaxed manner. "You can judge that for yourself but admit it, I've made a good point."

I grit my teeth, crossing my arms in front of my chest as I released a grumpy puff of air. Taking this as a surrender from my side, Leo grinned and didn't say anything more. A few minutes passed in complete silence. I feared starting a conversation with him would only magically redirect itself to something Damien-related. The last thing I wanted to do during my free-time from the stable boy was to talk about him. Sure, I'd wanted to vent but if Leo was going to turn the tables around somehow, I'd rather not open my mouth one bit.

So it somewhat came as a relief for me when Leo cleared his throat and said, "So tell me what your life was like back home."

It wasn't an order, neither a question but more of a silent (and almost bored) suggestion. It sounded like Leo couldn't care less about the answer to that question but he opened one eye, expectant as I argued with myself.

"Oh alright," I muttered, getting ready to indulge into a fake story. "I loved it back in Florida. School was awesome and my social life was the bomb."

"You had a boyfriend then?" he asked quickly, although I knew he had detected the sarcasm.

"No," I snapped, eyebrows crunching together at the smirk that formed on his lips. Is that all he cared about? 

"Just checking for my boy Damien."

Groaning, I let my head fall onto the surface of the desk. When was this hell going to end?

The End

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