Welcome to the Spanish Class

I sauntered forward, my mind unfolding the map inside of it as memory led me to where I assumed was the Spanish classroom. I was right. The plate pinned to the wooden door confirmed my doubts and I sighed, hand curling around the cool metal of the doorknob as I breathed in deeply.

The last class of the day. I could survive this.

Pushing the door open, I stepped into the classroom to have only one other student turn to face me. Blonde hair falling across his forehead, the dull blue twinkle of his eyes...it was the one and only Leo.

"Hola," I said, raising an eyebrow as I searched the room for other classmates. But no, Leo was the only one here. Giving me a lazy smirk, the oh-so-familiar one I'd seen from him throughout the day, he said, "Bienvenido."

I took a cautious step forward, setting my bag down slowly on the desk next to him as I eyed Leo. He watched me in his casual gaze, sighing before slumping back on his seat and sinking into the depths of his plastic chair.

"Where's the teacher?" I asked.

"A no-show. He happens to be vice principal of the school as well. Keeps him busy sometimes."

I blinked. How did that, in any way, constitute a good Language facility? So much for my dad telling me I'd get a good Spanish teacher here. 

"Then...how are we supposed to get any work done? Does he give us independent studies to do?"

Leo nodded, stifling a bored yawn with his hand, and with the other, gestured at the top of the teacher's table. I walked over and noticed a sticky note on a thin stack of papers with my name and a small note written on it.

Makayla - sorry I couldn't make it for your first class with me, but I hope to see you in our next session. Here are all the exercises and notes you'll need to catch up on. I expect them to be submitted next week, for this class.

Great. I skimmed through the exercises and was glad to see they were ones I could easily get done within an hour or two. I hadn't missed much at all. Picking up the stack of papers, I walked back to my desk and set it on the surface, deciding to get to work. Leo didn't say anything, or do anything for that matter. I had noticed a pile of print-outs with his name on it but he hadn't even bothered to go pick it up. Instead of getting started on that, I noticed him slump forward on his desk, resting his head on his folded arms. He was going to take a nap? So much for a model senior valedictorian.

I shook my head to myself, deciding it would be better not to say anything on the matter. Taking out my pen, I started to mark down the harder exercises to do at home, when a thought crossed my mind.

This is quite strange. Leo can't possibly be the only other one taking Spanish.

"So is there anyone else joining us for class?"

Leo opened his eyes, blue eyes peering at me through the strands of his hair that fell in its way. A wicked grin made its way to his lips as he said, "It's just you and I Makayla."

The End

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