The Idea of Release

Not a second passed by without my urge to murder Damien going down. The day went by at a fairly slow pace and each and every minute, Damien stuck to my side. When I told him that he 'wasn't my tour guide', he'd only retort back with a 'I'm just being a friendly classmate' as an excuse. And there was no arguing with that, was there?

Slumping down on my seat, I hid myself behind my textbook as the history teacher droned on about the effects of some war in the past. I was barely listening, which I could tell the teacher noticed - I certainly wasn't making such a good impression on my different lecturers the first day.

Instead, I dreamt about going back home, to my room where I could retire in peace without some idiot following me around like a chihuahua. 99% of the subjects I took were the same ones as Damien's and so it was quite hard to avoid him.

Even during lunch time, he wouldn't leave me at all. I couldn't find Nick and Leo during the forty-five minute break and so was stuck with the pest and all his idiocy for myself.

But I was looking forward to the next period: my one, forty minute lesson of release from the clutches of the stinky stable boy. I did Spanish, and I was the only senior in the school who took two language-subjects. I didn't want to drop it, considering I'd been taking it as a course in my old school.

The best thing about my taking Spanish here was the fact that Damien didn't. Which, personally, was my ecstasy.

The End

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