Girlfriend? Shoot Me Now!

Stepping outside, back into the cramped halls of the school, I couldn't help but start to feel a little claustrophobic as it swarmed busily with students. Most of them were looking at me. I stuck out like a sore thumb, with my bizarre-way of dressing compared to them (I had no fashion sense at all) and the fact that I looked like a beet.

Yet, quickly hurrying myself back to the spot I'd left Damien at, I managed to blend into the school society for a short while before appearing at the scene going on in the middle of the hallway. Apparently, my hypothesis about Damien's popularity wasn't at all incorrect. In fact, I was dead on about it.

A group of plastic-like girls were grouped around the lockers to the side of where Damien stood. They admired him as he talked and threw his head back in laughter while in conversation with one of his friends. I walked slowly, hiding myself quickly behind a group of jocks who were just a few inches ahead of me. I couldn't tell if the girls were drooling over Damien or his pal, but their eyes seemed to be fixed on the former.

Smiling slightly to myself, I approached Damien at a snail's pace, hoping he wouldn't see me and create another one of his dramatic little 'hello' scenes. But he did exactly what I'd been dreading.

Turning around, his bright green eyes met my own, lighting up when he saw me.

"Ah! There you are!"

Gulping, my eyes flickered momentarily to his admirers whose gazes turned to me, sharp and piercing. This was not going to end well for me.

"Where have you been? I was just telling Adam about you!"

Laughing nervously, I averted my gaze from the girls who I knew were going to kill me later on during the course of my short life. Looking up at the very tall boy in front of me, I smiled at him.

By first impression, I could tell he was a jock. Probably a quarterback. He had the build of one, toned body, muscular arms and built-up chest. He also looked like your typical high school hottie: tan, curly brown hair, twinkling blue eyes.

Flashing me a friendly grin, he reached out his hand and said, "Damien hasn't stopped talking about you one bit. If I were you, I'd be on your guard."

"Shut up," Damien muttered, burning up slightly. I could hear one of the girls cooh appreciatively at the supposedly cute line but I definitely did not need this crap to deal with now.

Grinning at Adam, I said, "Pleasure to meet you but I should probably get going to class."

"Of course," he replied, patting Damien on the back. "Show your new girlfriend the way around Dai."

Gritting my teeth, I held back a bloody-curling scream as Adam walked past me, lightly (and I should mention, intentionally) knocking me as he did causing me to tumble backwards against Damien.

Now I was being considered his girlfriend?

The End

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