A Momentary Escape

Damien literally dragged me through the now jam-packed hallways of the school. He managed to capture the attention of several of the students on his way, who smiled and waved at him with questions in their eyes when they saw me with him. He must be popular to have so many people watch us the way they had. Not only that, but our arms were linked together.

Wriggling out of his grasp, I muttered angrily, "Damien, just stop!"

"You don't want to be late for your first AP French class, do you?" he asked feigning seriousness as he looked down at me.

"Of course not," I said, anger seeping into my tone, "but not with you forcing me there like this. I could take my time and get to know the directions of where we're going so I won't have to get you to lead me there every single time!"

He grinned knowingly."Uh-huh."

It dawned upon me.

Violently slapping him on his shoulder, I half-shouted, "Let me go you big buffoon!"

"Fine, fine," he grunted, loosening his hold enough for me to ease my arm away. Glaring at him, I stomped off in the opposite direction, ignoring the several eyes that were imprinted on the scene that Damien and I had shared. Most had expressions of amusement on them, but didn't approach me, instead crowding around Mr. Smooth-Talking-Marshmallow over there.

My eyes drifted off to the entrance of the girls lavatory and immediately, I redirected myself to that particular room. Hurrying in, I closed the door loudly behind me. No one was inside, much to my relief.

Sighing, I headed over to the basin and opened the tap, letting the cool water tickle the surfaces of my palm before splashing it on my face repeatedly till I felt myself cool down. I glanced up at my reflection, thick strands of my wet black hair clinging to the skin on my forehead. I looked flushed, my usually milky-white complexion tinged with bright spots of red, especially near my cheeks.

I closed my dark brown eyes for a second, only to have the image of Damien pop back up in my mind. That infuriating smirk, and lights dancing around in his green orbs as he mocked me.

I couldn't even get a moment of peace. He even managed to make an intrusion into my mind. Sighing, I closed the tap and stared at myself in the mirror. I looked absolutely bewildered.

The burning of my cheeks looked as hot as it felt as blood rushed furiously in my veins, redirecting itself to the nerve points at the tips of  my fingers that so desired to implant themselves in a hard slap across Damien's face.

Stable boy was going down.

The End

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