Getting Ready

This time, entering the music room, I was met by the unexpected sight of a totally calm class. Everyone was seated, with an exception of Leo who stood in front with the teacher by his side.

My eyebrows shot up, realizing that it was by Leo's influence that they were all quiet and attentive. He must have a rather tight hold over his classmates though by first impression, he definitely didn't look like the kind of guy suited to be class leader.

"Alright, so listen up," Joshua said and for the first time, the others actually did. "Since you've all settled in now, Leo proposed the idea that you get to know your new classmate. So shall we?"

Joshua turned to me with a smile on his face, beckoning me to come join him and Leo in the center of the class where everyone would be able to see me easily. Shunning aside the urge to run for the hills, I forced a friendly smile to my face and walked over with a confident poise.

Some of the students smiled at this, the corners of their lips curving upwards. Just minutes ago I'd ran away from them and here I am trying to convince not only myself, but my audience as well, that I was not scared at all.

Stepping forward, I stood near Leo who watched me, that small smile imprinted on his face. The door creaked open from behind me and I looked over my shoulder. Damien walked out, expressionless but his green eyes were rather pleased with himself as he joined the others, plopping down on a chair next to Nick.

Taking a deep breath, I smiled inwardly hoping that this won't go bad at all. Then, I started.

The End

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