Running Away

You have got to be kidding me.

Fists clenching in anger, I shot a death glare at Damien, resisting the urge to launch myself across the room and throttle him. He was being such a pain! The expression that fled across my face must have pleased Damien in some way as he grinned cockily, clapping his hands together in mock accomplishment.

"At least I've made some progress."

Eyebrows raising, I asked, "How exactly have you done that?"

"Well for one," he said, taking a step forward towards me. I took an equidistant step back. "Even if you hate me, that for a start, is better than having no feelings towards me at all, right?"

I opened my mouth to retort back at him but the frustration that overwhelmed me made me know better than to say anything at the moment.

Pressing my lips together into a thin line, I turned my back on Damien and crossed the room. Anywhere was better than here with him. Even if it meant revisiting the hell that awaited on the other side of that door.

The irony of me leaving was the fact that the only reason I had entered was to get away from the refines of being trapped by the other students. I'd actually been hoping that Damien would save me.

And here I am, trying to run away from the stable boy. All thanks to his sheer pigheadedness.

The End

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