My eyes widened slightly in surprise as I faced Leo. His smile wasn't mocking like Damien's but matched the tone in which he'd asked the question: sleepy. His lean body was leaning back against the closed piano, arms resting on the surface and feet crossed in front of him. But he waited for a reply, watching me patiently.

Opening my mouth, I voiced strongly, trying to avoid a stammer as I said, "Not so much."

He must have been expecting that reply as his blue eyes blanked out, nodding shortly before turning to his friends.

"Nick, go back in there and try to reorganize the class. Damien, you're going to be her tour guide for the rest of the day."

I released a groan. Why was I stuck with him?

A small smile played on Leo's face as he turned to me, eyebrow raised. "Do you have any objections?"

I didn't want to seem like an airhead the first day itself but being stuck with a prick like Damien was the last thing I wanted to start the day off with.

"Can't you be my tour guide?" There was a hint of obvious desperation in my question and Leo's smile widened, eyes flickering shortly to Damien who looked crushed.

"If you want me to be," he replied with a shrug.

"Please do," I groaned.

Nick started laughing from the other side but immediately stopped when Damien shot him a murderous glare. Attempting to cover up his laughter for an over the top cough, he clearing his throat, and managed to say in a lame attempt at being serious, "I'll just go and try to sort our class out."

"I'll come with you," Leo muttered, flashing Damien a meaningful smile before following his friend out in a lazy amble of his.

Closing the door behind them, they left an unwanted silence to be created between Damien and I. Eyeing him, a smile appeared on my lips. He looked positively depressed. But his next line wiped that smile off my face, angering me.

"The plot thickens now, I see. There are complications for the stable boy. But he will get the princess in the end."

The End

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