Nick and Leo

I stood, unmoving as I silently assessed the boys in front of me. Damien, I knew well enough already. That stupid smile played on his lips as he reached his arms out in front of him and spoke theatrically, "Welcome my dear!"

I glared at him, trying to shoot his confidence down but even my worst levels of sympathy towards the very person who had helped me find my way didn't have any effect. Gaze moving to meet those of the other two in the room, I gulped nervously, wondering what I was going up against now.

They were both blonde, one of them much brighter looking than the other. He had a smile on his lips, one conveying genuine optimism and friendliness as he grinned at me. Amber eyes sparkling, he reached his hand out and said happily, "I'm Nick!"

Unsure, I let my hand slip into his as he shook it heartily. "You're Makayla right? From Florida?"

I nodded slowly, eyes wavering from his to meet the silent blue depths of the other guy's fixed upon my face.

Noticing this, Nick added, "This is Leo. He's our class president as well as valedictorian."

So this is the punk that told Damien about me.

Forcing a smile onto my face, I nodded at Nick and let go, dropping my hands back to my side. "Nice to meet the two of you."

Damien snorted loudly and we all turned to look at him. He had a frown written across his face as he looked at me with a puppy dog expression. "How come you weren't as nice to me when we first met?"

Grinning, the distaste in my voice was as clear as could be, putting Damien down further when I replied, "You don't make a good impression on the ladies and you've done a pretty good job at being a jerk which topped it all off."

He cringed back like I'd just slapped him across the face but didn't say anything more, probably knowing I had another round of insults just waiting to be shared. Facing Nick, I grinned at him. By the look on his face, I had a feeling him and I might get along as he too looked equally amused as I.

But the soft and airy voice that spoke lazily into the air was what grabbed my attention next.

"Liking hell so far?"

The End

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