Escape? Not So Much...

Tearing my eyes away from the scrutinizing ones of my fellow classmates, I searched the room for Damien before landing on the door to my right. That's where I'd seen him go. He had to be inside that room.

Taking a step sideways, my hands curled around the door handle, pushing down on it with urgent force. I stepped inside the room, closing it behind me and leaned back against it - not even looking at the room's inhabitants. An audible sigh of relief escaped my lips.

My heart was pounding unevenly within my chest and I could still feel the eyes of the others imprinted on me.

I hated being the new girl. I'd never had to play that role before. Life had been so much easier in Florida. It was as simple as being born, then being placed into a school for nursery and finally growing up for the rest of my life in that same school. Seeing classmates I'd known ever since I'd learned to add and subtract numbers, walking past familiar classrooms that I had once been in during the sixth grade... that had been the routine of my life.

But now, I felt like an alien in this new environment. The worst part of it all was that I'd transferred senior year - the most important year for forming last memories and reminiscing over school life. Instead, I would be graduating from a school where I knew absolutely no one and had no attachment to. Wonderful.

Inhaling a deep breath, I dropped my hands to my side, relaxing my posture. Straightening up so that my bag was no longer bunched up against the door, I realized that my dramatic entrance had made quite an impact on an audience I hadn't been aware of.

Not only was Damien in the room but alongside him were two other boys. Three pairs of eyes fixed on me with interest, waiting for my first words.

Oh, what have I gotten myself into?

The End

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