I'm not scared. Seriously. I'm not.

I didn't have a reason to be and I'm not one to get frightened easily. But the way those three creeps from across the room were staring at me certainly caused goosebumps to break out across my skin.


Snapping my gaze away from the group and back to the teacher, I noticed him giving me a grim smile.

"I'll just warn you," he whispered, stepping in closer to me, "most of the students in this class are outright insane. And unless you want to get yourself influenced by their 'bad-ass'," he made air quotes with his fingers, "motives, I'd keep away from most of them."

My eyebrows arched up slightly at what I was hearing. Was 'Joshua' actually gossiping about the students to me? I didn't say anything in response but he must have been expecting a reaction. Instead, I settled with an unsure nod, watching him as he retreated back to his task of trying to get everyone in place after giving me a small smile.

I found myself rooted to the spot, trying to figure out what to do. By now, most of the students had noticed that the 'new girl' had showed up. Eyes fixed upon me in interest and I felt myself squirm uncomfortably under their gazes.

Casting a frantic glance around the room, I bit down on my lip as one extremely pathetic thought ran through my mind, one I knew I would regret later.

Where in the world is the stable boy?

The End

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