An Explanation

"Leo told me to expect you," he added in a matter-of-fact voice, continuing to lead the way down the unfamiliar hallways of the school. We turned around different corners and the further we went, the more sure I was that I would never remember any of the directions. My mind was fully focused on our 'entertaining' conversation.

"Neo?" I repeated. "What is this - the Matrix? Who's Neo?" Another imp like you?

Though I hadn't said the thought aloud, the tone in which I'd uttered the question clearly showed my feelings. Yet, Damien continued to have that stupid grin on his face. I wasn't sure if he was like this 24/7. I couldn't imagine how his friends kept up with his constant jabbering and infuriating smile for that long without being accused of murder. Was he always this happy?

"Leo's our senior class valedictorian. Our homeroom teacher informed him that a 'new student' would be joining us."

"Oh," I muttered, trying to sound uninterested. Too bad. Being part of the Matrix would have been much more to look forward to than a regular senior class.

"Being his best friend, he of course, told me about you. And I showed up at the opportune moment, spotting you looking around like a deer caught in the headlights when you entered the building."

Laughing humorlessly at his comment, I yanked my elbow from his hold. Damien's smile faltered the slightest bit but he didn't say anything more as I cast him a murderous glance.

I had a feeling that if I opened my mouth, unnecessary insults would pour themselves out. And as much as I'd love to release the thoughts I withheld inside of me about the new jerk of a guy I'd just met, I didn't want to start my day off with an enemy.

So far, the position of 'stable boy' was just fine.

The End

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