I. Hate. Him.

Disgust coursed through me and I took one large step away, glowering at him. If he were a bug, I would have squashed him right about now. Flirting had the adverse effect on me and this guy was really getting on my nerves. For the first impression he'd (probably) been hoping to make, he'd failed.

I. Hate. Him.

Either choosing to ignore the expression on my face or completely oblivious to how 'hate' would look, he grinned and said coolly, "My name's Damien. And you must be the Summers girl?"

"It's Makayla," I snapped.

Grin widening, he continued, "That's a hot name." Then wiggled his monster eyebrows at me. Ugh.

Just when I was about to retort at him with something as equally insulting in my world, he took a few but fast strides towards me, grabbing hold of my elbow without so much as a word. He dragged me down the hall, not even listening to my complaints.

"Hey! What are you doing?!"

"Showing you the way," he replied calmly.

"But you don't even know what-"

"Grade you're in?" He looked back over his shoulder, eyes meeting mine in as he mocked me. "For someone coming in all the way from Florida, you're pretty slow."

I would have taken offense but to hear this 'Damien' commenting on my levels of intelligence, it didn't hurt much at all. If anyone was slow here, it was him. I just didn't have a reason (yet) to call him an ape with no brain.

But I would soon. Oh, I would do a lot of things to get my revenge on this hooligan. That was for dead certain.

The End

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