The Stable Boy

I could feel the boy's eyes on me as I returned my gaze back to the surface of the paper. My eyes took in the details of the map and looking back up, I tried to figure out how it coordinated with the hallway in front of me.

Supposedly, based on the illustrations,, there should be a staircase just a few feet ahead of me but replacing it was the sight of just another door entering to a class room.

Scrunching my eyebrows together in confusion, I avoided the boy's eyes on me but caught the smirk on his face as I turned around, trying to figure my way through the hall ahead of me. It was infuriating, knowing that he was probably suppressing laughter. Just the look on his face drove me over the edge of sanity, on the inside that is. Showing my true colors on the first day to some chump wasn't on my agenda.

Deciding not to make a fool of myself, more than I already had, I finally met his eyes. Laughter played in his light green orbs as he watched me, waiting for my first move as if this were a game of chess and he wanted to checkmate me. Stabbing the nails of my fingers hard against the surface of my jeans, I physically pained as I croaked, "You have to help me."

Smiling, he scoffed, "Has the Queen finally accepted defeat and withdrawn to the help of the Knight?"

Snorting, I rolled my eyes. "You can't give yourself such a high title like that. If anything, you're just the stable boy."

Grinning still, he moved closer to me, whispering into my ear, "Except this one will get the girl."

The End

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