Stepping onto the tiled floor of the cool, air conditioned office, my eyes cast a quick scan around before settling on the thin and lean young woman sat behind the counter. She'd been typing away on her computer before I'd walked in. With a fixed smile on her face, she stood up and smiled.

"You must be Makayla Summers, yes?"

I nodded grimly, hating the very fact that she looked so chipper. Most receptionists were. It's not like they had anything better to do than clack away on a keyboard right?

"We've been expecting you," she said warmly, bending down to retrieve something from her table. She picked up a file, opening it and then took out a few documents which she skimmed through quickly before handing it over to me.

"Here's a map of the school, and a list of the subjects you'll be taking and course objectives along with the syllabus. Your timetable is included as well so you shouldn't have much trouble finding your way to your classes. It's a pretty big school but I'm sure your friends will help you out."

You mean, if I make them in the first place.

Giving the woman a wide and fake smile, I took the documents and then wordlessly, exited the office. She probably had more to tell me and I hated to be rude but honestly, I just wanted to get the day over with. Why delay the inevitable, right?

My head was practically stuck into the map while my eyes absorbed the directions as I steered myself towards the school building. It was huge and I gulped nervously, knowing I'd have a hard time trying to find my way. If I didn't already have a horrible sense of navigation, this would certainly add to it.

Pushing the glass door, I slipped into the hallway of the school. The walls were painted a bright white, with several doors on both sides. It reminded me of a hospital. Hospitals scared me, hence, this wasn't the best school setting for me to be part of. My stomach twisted as I looked at the map and back at the dull, endless hall in front of me.

The diagram on the paper was different from the one ahead of me. Had I taken the wrong entrance? Or was I in the wrong building?

I was positively lost.

The End

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