Starting Over




Music was pumping through the small earphones I had on as beads of sweat rolled down the surface of my skin. It was the one effective distraction from the task I had waiting to be done: moving boxes from the van to the living room of a fresh, new house. I could hear my father talking to me, trying to convince me into thinking that all this was a great idea but I knew better than to fall for another lie.

My whole life, my parents had tricked me into believing that things would 'be fine'. They were drivers and I simply sat in the back seat, strapped down for whatever journey they chose to lead me through. Sometimes things did end up fine, but a majority of the times, the car ended up driving right into a ditch: a murky and disappointing end.

And here I am today, moving into a small but comfortable looking house located in a neighborhood in the city of Philadelphia. My parents had fallen out of love and my dad wanted to get away from the old life he'd had and start a new one from scratch. Of course the only solution available was a divorce and moving away.

Didn't they care about what I wanted? The last thing I'd been hoping for was a sudden transition in my life - smackdab during the summer before my senior year was to begin. But I didn't have a say in it. I'm a kid, a minor whose opinions are only considered when they should be.

So that's how I ended 'agreeing' to the messed up turn in my life.

A new city, new friends, a new life.

And of course, a new high school.

I couldn't wait to get started, really. Because that's what Makayla Summers would want - to start over.

If only it wasn't in a whole other city.

The End

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