T.H. A user !!!!

this is about a girl who i used to be best friends with however she went away for a who year to college and ignored me even though i tried really hard t keep in contact! anyway guess what happened a couple of days ago.... so got in contact the convo went like this ... hi, hi. its my birthday next week. therefore she said one word (hi) then went onto talking about her birthday. because im only good enough to buy her a gift, well guess what best friend you getting bugger all outa me!!!!!

oh just leave me alone!

 it doesnt effect me anymore, you dont effect me!

your not my best friend anymore, you cant just expect to go away for a whole year, forget my birthday and totally blow me off then the week before your birthday come back into my life!!!!

who do you think i am? who do you think you are?????? i wont be treated like this, i feel humiliated like im only good for when you need someone and no ones left except me!

your a user and your not getting anything out of me !!!!!!


The End

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