Tethys Aquarium

350 million years into the future and our world has just recovered from the most cataclysmic atmospheric changes and the longest ice age of all time, the result, a new Panthalassa Ocean stretching the entire globe, all land sunk back beneath the waves and with the land has disappeared all life.

Gone are the majestic and beautiful creatures that inhabit our sea's today, the small and the large, the amazing and the terrifying.

As well as the animals of today, my team and I will be traveling


350 Million Years Into The Future......


.....and the world is a very different place.  The polar ice caps melted over 300 million years ago, the planet entering a new ice age that would see the end of mankind and the damage we have done to the ozone layer and environment.  The great continents and islands that once covered 30% of the planet have long since sunk back beneath the waves, but something is very wrong with this new oceanic world.

The amazing and wonderful, strange and terrifying creatures that once inhabited our seas are gone, some hunted to extinction while others died out due to the cold and the loss of food sources, in short our world has become a baron ocean, the second great Panthalassa Ocean.  200 million years ago, the ocean and currents of this new earth began to warm again, the volcanoes that had once stood high above the seas had returned to the waves until they finally woke again and began pumping huge columns of super heated, mineral rich water.

In turn this woke the ancient sea life that had only just managed to hang on to survival by crawling back into the rocks and reefs, the coral.  As with life in the deepest waters of today, such as the Marianna Trench and Challenger Deep, photosynthesis was no longer required for life to grow and breed, the minerals spewed out by the new under water smokers provided everything needed for life to start again.   Finally being able to feed again, these amazing and ancient forms of life took the oceans for themselves, their only company, the tiny shell fish and plankton that had too escaped extinction by allowing themselves to be frozen in time.......but without the fish, sharks, turtles, whales and marine reptiles that once populated out worlds seas, the ocean is a very empty place...... 

This is where my team.....


Name: Kerry Thornton

Height: 5/9

Age: 25

Features: Blue eyes, Light brown hair, slender-athletic build

Specialised Subjects:  Marine Biology, Zoology


Name: Mark Benton

Height: 6/0

Age: 30

Features: Brown eyes, shaved hair, medium build - muscular

Specialised Subjects:  Marine Biology, Qualified Seamen


Name: Isobel Willis

Height: 5/3

Age: 20

Features: Blue eyes, very short blonde hair, short stocky build

Specialised Subjects: Studying- Paleontology, Animal Biology


 Name: Steven McCoy

Height: 5/9

Age: 27

Features: Brown eyes, dark brown hair, slender build

Specialised Subjects:  Documentarian, Film Studies, Photography


Name: Nick Preston

Height: 6/2

Age: 31

Features: Green eyes, black-grey hair, very well built

Specialised Subjects:  Field technologies expert


.......and me.....


Name: Rich

Age: 31

Height: 5/9

Features: Grey eyes, light brown hair, slim-athletic build

Specialised Subjects: Marine Biology, Paleontology, Zoology and all round maniac

......we are going to change all that.

The world has been given a second chance at life but has lost all that made it so exciting...

Using the latest in “Time Jump” technology and all our abilities, we are going to repopulate the new Panthalassa Ocean with life from across the time line, from 350 million years ago to the present day, we are going to save all the fantastic creature’s time.....and man has wiped out....

.......welcome to Tethys Aquarium


The End

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