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Trying to test writing on the website...

 Trying to test writing on the website...

"'An Afternoon' originally appeared in a collection called New Writing Scotland 2, published by the Association of Scottish Literary Studies.

That was way back in 1984. I was 24, still at university. I'd had some success in a couple of national short-story contests. One or two of my efforts had made it into magazines and been broadcast on radio, but 'An Afternoon' represents my breakthrough into a book-length collection.

By the time I wrote it, I was starting to turn my attention to the novel. I'd probably already finished my first full-length effort (the never-published 'Summer Rites') and was maybe even thinking about 'The Flood' (which would eventually be published in 1986, the year I said my farewells to student life).

It's funny, but I'd forgotten all about 'An Afternoon' until about a year ago. I'd forgotten that, long before Rebus, I'd written another story from a cop's point of view..." Ian Rankin

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