New pad

New Pad

Mother sat me down in the living room and got me a cup of soup. I suddenly felt my stomach clench and I felt sudden guilt.  I was not guilty about leaving school early as such, more that I felt like I had hurt mother. She expected more of me and I should too. She never said a word but smile pitifully at me. I sat on the suitee and she was doing her iorning at the other side of the room. Every time i glanced at her, she seemed like she was concentrating hard on what she was doing.

'Mamma, are you mad at me?' I asked her.

'No, my little lamb. Im not dissapointed, worried. Why did you leave school today? You only just got there...' She asked me, with a truely concerned look, carved on her face.

'Jen was being nasty again and I really just cannot be bothered with her first thing on a Monday morning...or any time really....' i muttered.

'Your father and I were going to give you this notepad for your birthday but if you promise me something, Im more than happy to give you it now.' Mama said,
'Go back to school tomorrow and as soon as Jen is mean to you, just clench your fists and count to 10 untill you feel calm enough. You know that drawing calms you so as soon as you possibly can, you should find a quiet place and draw.' She looked at me...

'Deal!' I said, beaming. I needed a new notepad for ages and I really missed drawing in my free time. Mother gave me a red, leather book with Tessie on the front.

It was magnificent!

The End

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