Terrorists of the Keebler Factory

Deep in their hollowed out tree, the Keebler elves worked. Stoking the fires from under vats of fudge, with the head elf supervisor overlooking, they scurried around finishing the last batch of the day. Little did the outside world know, that along with the scrumptious treats being made, an evil plan was brewing. Fed up with the North Pole Al-Qaeda elves and their high and mighty master, an attack idea was brought forth. When Santa had ridden off during his night, they would infiltrate the workshop and plant their bombs while the elves slept. Then they would kidnap Mrs. Clause, and while making their escape, blow the workshop to smithereens. They had not known what to do with Mrs. Clause after that, perhaps ransom her off in return for the rights of the North Pole, banishing both of them forever. Or make them both slaves, creating their treats day and night without rest.

When the final whistle of the day blew in the factory, the weapons for the elf arsenal were made. Bombs that only Keebler elves knew how to make: cookie bombs filled with chocolate chips and hard raisins as shrapnel, Fudge bombs that explode and send scalding hot goo in every direction. Peanut butter plastic explosives, C4 surrounded by smooth peanut butter, with little vanilla wafer detonators, put one of those on the side of the workshop and KABOOOM! A good sleep the Keebler elves had that night, for tomorrow, their plan of attack was to unfold.

The End

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