GrimNinja:We need more people!

If your to travel to the north of Kaiden you will see the snowing town of terror.  If you were to go to the graveyard of this little town you would see a young girl chasing a sprit orb. "imma catch you just stand still" This girl is GrimNinja. "BWA HA HA HA i'm gonna get you" Grim continued to chase to orb laughing at how easly she was entertaind. 'oh god she's at it again' Valantine watched Grim running around like a headless chicken. "Ok thats enough, Mary wants to see us" Grim turned around "Realy then, okey dokey" Grim ran past Valentine makeing the zooom sound effect. "Why must she act like this?" Valentine walked after Grim to the Town hall. It was strangely sunny today and the fog was thin, thus Valentine HAD to were a t-shirt witch he keept tuging at. Ariving at the town hall, Mary was alredy siting at her desk. "Please take a seat so we can get on with this" Valentine sat on a old rotten wooden chair but Grim sat on the floor makeing a loud THUMP.  "Now after the war only us 3 were left and looking after a town this size is too mutch" and Mary was right. The town was over run with weeds, buildings were falling down and on a day like this it realy showed how ugly the town was. "And i have decided to do something about it so i" Valentine was still tugging at his shirt. " Valentine stop that you look like a child it's not like you." "Who cares no freesh ladys around so it's" "That whats Mary is going to solve." Grim cut Valentine short " Your quite right Grim" Mary got up and started paceing. "I have made notices and want you two to place them all over Horror City" Both Valentine and Grim were confused Grim spoke up "Why Horror-" "Horror city has the most homeless people so they will come" Both people came out with a 'Ahh' "So you two will have to post these notices any were you can put them." Grim and Valentine jumped up "Yes ma'am" They grabed the notices and ran to the run down ute. Mary watched them load up the notices and drive off. 'No questions asked.... it's the only reason the survied.' It took 2 days to get to Horror city and they spent another 2 days posting notices. 2 days later they got back and now, 4 days later Valentine was watching Grim chase sprit orbs.   

The End

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