Terrifying Exam School Terminators (TEST)

Our days of oppression and slavery at the hands of the teachers, is at an end! Let them turn in thier own book reports, let us set them exam papers, let us take back our freedom, and revolt against the tyranny of Teachers. We are the TEST club, destroyers of all things that terrorise the child student!!!

Good day, my dear students and fellow friends. Your time is precious, so I shall get to the point. I am here, standing before you, to speak on behalf of all our beloved friends and family, who are suffering long hours in extra class, months of bathroom cleaning duty and outdoor physical detention. I am here to speak on a matter often forgotten and overlooked by the leaders of our state. I am here to speak on behalf of the slaves often referred to as students. It is time we rise from the pages of our biology text books, break through the walls of our Maths work books, and escape from the cage of Exams. It is time we take the law into our hands and destroy the oppressive compulsions of the teachers.

I understand that some have been shattered by the cutting words and burdens of the teachers. We wish only for your prayers. I shall not lie, this is going to be dangerous, and many of us may not make it out of the principal’s office. There will be pain, there will be loss, but for the good of the future generations; we must act now! For those who are not faint hearted, those who believe deeply in the justice of my words and those who want to make a difference, seek the TEST Club (Terrifying Exam School Exterminators), the secret organization, disguised as a student study group that will revolt against, destroy and deface the Evils of the Teacher. Come one come all! It is time we take back that which is ours with the all powerful Strength of the Student!  

The End

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