The After-Effects of OscarMature

We stayed inside the crackhouse for a long time.  The city put it back up for sale but so far no bites on the house were made.  We preferred that, it gave us a realtively stable home for a while.  Luckily the neighbours didn't notice or care that we were squatters.  They themselves probably had a lot to hide.

Everyone seemed to get used to me again.  i was on speaking terms with everyone but Oscar who rarely left the basement which was fine by me.  i much preferred her down there.  My relationship with Dusty was to be kept a secret for now until things got easier.  She didn't want there to be favouritism claims from the others or to piss Oscar right off just yet; she was probably still brooding.

i made sure to not be left alone too much when in the house.  i was very paranoid of her coming out and coming after me again when i'm left to my own devices.  For the most part i was alright, especially since Dusty rarely left my side.  Around the others, she used the excuse of me needing extra protection since Oscar didn't like me but i knew that to be just a cover -up.  She even said so when we were in private.

i kinda liked us being a secret, even if it was tedious.  We never had to worry about anyone getting weird about us and cuddling in the safety of our own room was a beautiful feeling.  Most of our nights were consisted of that, cuddles and kisses.

The hardest part though was when Dusty finally agreed to let the others know we were an item.  Everyone was happy for us, or so it seemed.  Tom said Oscar was happy for us when he made his last trip to the basement, but i hardly believed it to be true.  i had a feeling this would come back to bite me.  Sure enough, it did.

One day i slept in a bit and woke up to an empty bed.  There was a note beside me in Dusty's writing:

Gone to run errands and grab some things.
Be home soon sweetheart

i smiled at the note and placed it beside some of my things i'd acquired throughout my time with the family.  i knew everyone else was gone off to do their thing.  i wasn't sure if Oscar was gone and planned not to find out. 

i decided to clean the house up for everyone when they came home as a sort of thank you for giving me a second chance.  i dusted and swept the upstairs and downstairs, wiped the kitchen clean and worked to make everything nice and clean despite my lack of supplies.  i was tempted to clean the downstairs at some point to make amends to Oscar but i wasn't sure how to with her potentially down there.

"Hi there sweetcakes."

Nevermind, she wasn't down there.

In a sort of organized panic, i reseumed scrubbing the front windows and relied on their reflection to show me where she was.

"Aw c'mon.  You're not gonna say hello?" she asked cryptically.

"Hi Oscar, what is it you'd like?" i asked very monotone.

"I'm so glad you asked," she said in such a way that made shivers run down my spine.  "What I'd really like Asterix, is for you to break up with Dusty, and get lost already!"  she screamed and spun me to face her.  i looked into her eyes and saw only negative things like hatred and envy.

Then it hit me.  The conversation, the anger, the set-up, everything.

"You like her!" i said now having the full realization.

"I love her you stupid freak!  If it wasn't for you and your damn sister none of this would've happened!" she screamed and slapped my face.

That's when everything suddenly became clear to me.  The nightmare of my sister being hapy but me feeling enraged, the love Dusty lost because she was careless.  My sister and Dusty were a couple...

The End

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