Finally VentingMature

After walking it all off and letting off steam, i was finally able to calm down enough to get my head back on my shoulders.  It was turning into evening and it'd be dark soon.  i was without a place to sleep or anything to keep me warm throughout the night.  i guess i was going to freeze to death.  Fine, i didn't care at this point.

i sat down on the curb of the street to think for a moment and digest everything that had happened back there but i couldn't think about it for too long before getting riled up again.  i felt the need to hit something, anything.  Let out all the aggression i'd pent up inside me for so long.

Standing up in a motion of rage, i turned to face a recycling bin adjacent to me and pounced on it.  i punched and kicked and bit at that thing (which looking back was a little unsanitary but oh well) for a good long while until eventually i was tired.  i threw it aside where it was before and smiled victoriously to myself, happy i was able to do that and thinking of how the owner of the bin will react to their now mangled blue bin.

i sat up and dusted off some of the light snow off me and was about to continue on when a little 'mrow' stopped me for a second.  i turned to see the little grey tabby from before perched on a garbage can a few doors down.  He cleaned himself for a second then looked intently at me.

"Sorry boy, i've got no food to offer you now," i said going over to pet him.  He made a small whirring noise and began to softly purr as i stroaked his coat.  He was very thin and some of his fur was matted in places, even his tail had a crook in it like it had been stepped on or something.  It was safe to say he didn't have a home. 

When i decided it was a good time to leave, i scooped him up and carried him in my arms for a while before decidng to put him down and letting him go where he pleased.  Surprisingly enough when i did, he trotted along beside me for a few blocks before hopping up on a mailbox, as if asking to be carried.  i took him with me downtown where i planned on sleeping in one of the alleys for the night.  Curled up in a blocked-off doorway, i slept as best i could in the frigid temperatures with my newfound friend.

The End

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