Wait, i'm Getting Ahead of myselfMature

Hold on a sec, i'm going too fast aren't i?

Those were the basic events that transpired in my young childhood before i left the tyrranical grip of my parents.  i never knew why they treated me the way they did, why they favoured Marco for some odd reason or was apathetic to Rue, or why they threw us out or what ever happened to Marco.  On that last one though, i could really care less.

The reason Marco and i never got along was based on simple sibling rivalry that escalated into pure hatred.  The hate on my end because of my envy of the love he got and how sickeningly spoiled he was.  The hate on his end because of his egotistical view of me:  his pleeb of an older sister who, with the right manipulation, could bend to his every whim.  Some would say i'm exaggerating but i can assure you i'm not.  Even Rue noticed his attitude.

Looking back i can see that my parents were very focused on the perfect family.  Having all the immenities, being the perfect people, competing with the Jones so to speak.  Out of us kids, Marco was very popular and suited their composed lifestyle perfectly, therefore he was rewarded with love and spoilings.  Rue was quiet so often forgotten about but when she later stepped out of line, she was banished and left to be forgotten.  i sometimes wonder if at first she did so to get our parents' attention, then later didn't care and kept on with it, finding the solace she needed even if it meant her meeting her supposed fate.

As a child, i was never popular and was always precieved to be 'odd' for some reason i was still yet to discover.  Maybe that's why i was resented by my parents; i provided a social impairment to their dream.

But that didn't matter anymore.  i had left that stage of life behind the moment i set foot on the ground.

The End

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