Piñata PunishmentMature

After a severe bout of screaming at, my mother assigned me to Marco duty for the rest of the day.  i was to supervise him and his friends until dinnertime and then again the next day until they all went home.  That was all she said but i knew that was just the tip of the iceberg.  Whenever i had done something 'bad', there was the assigned punishment as well as the unexpected one too.  i guess it was her way of saying "watch your back".

To help poor Marco after such horrible treatment from me, my dad went to the store to pick up some more popcorn for him as well as buying the cheddar powder topping he always liked reserved for 'special occasions'.

Marco's friends showed up a couple of hours later and they were all confined to the backyard to tear around and run off all the sugar they'd eaten just before.  i tried to sneak inside to avoid the rukus but i didn't get far without a threatening glare from my father.  i didn't want to cross him so i stayed outdoors and miserably sat on the steps.

"Hey!  Let's break the piñata open!"  one of Marco's friends suggested and they all cheered happily and ran towards the poor paper donkey hung up on the other side of the yard.  The kids began to swing at the poor creature violently.  Afraid of my younger brother now wielding a baseball bat, i curled up on the steps.  A few seconds later though, i felt a firm shove to my back that tipped me forward a bit.  My mother stood over me glaring dangerously. 

"Get over there and keep an eye on them!" my mother scolded before turning around and going inside, locking the door behind her.  i sighed and walked over to the screaming gaggle of children beating on the paper donkey.  Marco was swinging at the piñata but he was too short to reach it, let alone break it open.  After a few swings, he grew very frustrated and threw the bat onto the ground in front of him.

"It's too high!" he screamed, "Asty, adjust the rope!"

i looked at him incredulously.  "Are you serious!?  i can't climb up there, that branch won't support me!"

i saw Marco's face go a purply shade of red in anger and he picked up the bat and swung it threateningly.  "You wanna replace it then?"

My eyes widenened in a state of horror.  i was being threatened by a six year old!  i loked up towards the house to see my mother standing on the porch with her hands on her hips and her nodding sternly towards me.  i opened my mouth to rebuke but shut it tight at the reality of my situation and began scaling the tree the piñata hung on. 

As i ascended the large tree, i heard the jeers and the boos from the kids below at how long i was taking to fix the piñata's height.  i ignored it the best i could and continued up until all of a sudden, i felt something jab my side, then my leg.

"Come on!" i heard Marco scream.  i looked down to see him and two of his friends had a handful of rocks from the garden and were throwing them up at me.

"Hey!  What gives!?" i yelped as one rock smaked my ribs hard.  i looked around in desperation for any signs of help only to see my mother turn around and walk back in the house as if nothing was going on. 

i was so hurt and angered by this that i shot off up to the branch and stomped on it a few times until it broke from beneath my foot.  i hung onto the tree as i watch the branch careen down and hit the ground in front of the children with the piñata crushed beneath it.

"There you go Marco.  Happy stupid birthday!" i screamed and climbed further into the tree away from the mess of the world below.

The End

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