Happy Birthday MarcoMature

After the dishes were done, Rue retreated to her room and didn't emerge for most of the day until she left to go visit a friend that afternoon.  During that time frame, i was assigned to appease Marco until his friends arrived for his birthday sleepover that afternoon. 

Usually my babysitting job with him was pretty easy.  He didn't want to talk to me and i didn't want to talk to him.  Even if we were opposites, at lest our feelings on each other were mutual.  Oftentimes though, Marco would come up with little schemes to get me in trouble, and usually they worked.

"Asty, make me some popcorn!"  Marco said to me while he was playing with a new remote control racecar he got for his birthday.  i bit my tongue roughly at the nickname.  He knew i hated being called Asty even though i knew he did it to get a rise out of me.

"We can't Marco, there isn't any," i responded.

"Didn't you hear me!?  I said I wanted popcorn!"

"Yes, and i'm telling you that we don't have any.  You ate the last bag when you and Dad watched the baseball game last night," i said trying to restrain my growing annoyance with him.

"You're a liar!  I. Want. My. Popcorn!"

"You're. Not. Getting. Any."  i said firmly to him with a challenging look on my face.  i was mad now and if he wanted to push the envelope, he'd get it but good.

As of on a theatrical cue, a painfully fake looking sadness crossed his face and he immediately started to sob and scream loudly.  i'd seen him pull this card many times before when he didn't get his way or even when he wanted to get me in trouble.  "Why did you do it!?" he screamed.

i looked at him confused.  "Do what?" i asked harmlessly, but he didn't respond.  He just kept sobbing and screaming until finally mother came over to see what happened to her little darling.

"What's wrong Marco?" she asked.

"Asterix hit me!" he screamed.

Complete shock and anger crossed my face.  He'd never gone this far before.  Usually he'd say i called him a name or something but this was a whole new level.  "i did not!" i proclaimed, trying to prove my innocence but it was no use.  i had harmed her little angel, so i was going to pay.

The End

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