Terrible SentimentsMature

random story idea, may build on



Dear Diary,

Nothing good can come from me.

i'm a heartless bitch with no sense of control.  No matter what i do, it's never right.  Everything is wrong, just like me. 

People may say i'm alright to my face, but i see what really happens.  i'm called a whore, a slut, an anorexic little bitch behind my back who has no right to be here...and you know what?  They're right.  i don't.  i'm a waste of perfectly productive air, space, time and money with no chance in life except to pass on my shitty genes to some poor wretch with an unsuitable mother.  Not that it's likely, im gay as well.

i'm a terrible creature and i know it.  No need to tell me or convince me otherwise (not that you would) because it has no effect.

hello yet goodbye,

from the stupid girl no one loves with the word 'bitch' carved into her arm

The End

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