A si-fi collab.

"This thing will never get off the ground." Jan mumbled to himself.The decrepit ship, a model at least fifty years out of date and modified/repaired so often it was practically unrecognizable (what's a sci fi w/o an old ship), groaned in response. Sighing, Jan went outside to check out the loading line, being supervised by Damian Stargold, Jan's dad.

"Dad?" Jan asked.

"Yeah?" the man looked over at him. "What is it Jan'is?"

Jan grimaced, he hated his full name. "This ship's gonna crack open like an egg if you put any more metal inside it." He said.

"Alright," Stargold grinned, stopping the loaders. "I trust your judgement, but all this is just a ruse," he began leading Jan towards the cargo pile still on the ground. "This junk is just to keep the big prize safe." he reached into the pile and pulled out a small beat-up metal box no bigger than Jan's fist. He opened it to reveal what looked like liquid silver. "This is r'azul, bio-metal. Worth the weight of that ship right now in credits. It's completely versatile, soft as silk or sharp as a razorblade, harder than titanium, it even deflects lasers. It can't be found outside the Blue Ring, so you know how valuable this stuff is."

Jan nodded. He knew the Blue Ring was a highly restricted rich district in the galaxy. Only government officials were allowed to live on the beautifully terraformed planets there, along with their servants and private armies. R'azule grew on those planets in crazy abundance, but there wasn't a gram of it anywhere else in the universe. Jan tucked the box into his jacket pocket and the two headed back to the ship.

"I'm entrusting this to you, Jan." Stargold continued. "Its very important that this make it to the buyers intact, you understand me." Jan nodded again. "Good, lets get this hunk of junk flying."

Jan leapt into action, starting in on the preflight checklist as his dad ran the coordinates. "We're headed to the usual trading post, just a routine job, you got that." Stargold emphasized.

"Yeah Dad, I got it." Jan said, slipping his hand into his jacket pocked.

"Put that in a smuggling hold," The man directed. "I dont want to risk it being detected."

"Okay Dad." Jan said, slipping into the hallway. He pulled the box out of his pocket and looked at it. It was hard to believe that it contained a substance worth billions of credits, it was amazing to hold such riches. In a flash decision, he poured the contents of the box into a small pouch he usually saved for credits and put the box into one of the hidey holes.

Several hours later, they landed in a remote part of the spaceport on the moon Askrid, orbiting the gaseous planet Geskrid. Only one other ship was near the area, but it wasnt the usual guy.

"Uh, dad?" Jan began, nervous.

"Stay in the cockpit Jan'is." Stargold said, standing up. A few seconds later, Jan could see him approaching the ship. Then there was a flash of red light and Goldstar fell to the ground. Laser fire, they'd killed him. A suited man walked out of the other ships hatchway and toed the body gingerly.

"He's dead?"

"Yes sir." Said another man. "Our gunners have excellent aim."

"Good, dispose of this." Said the suited man. "Search that ship. It's carrying r'azule." Jan's eyes widened. How did they know about that? Thinking quickly he dove into a smuggling hole beneath the dashboard, closing the hatchway behind him. This hole was just large enough to squeeze into and specially protected to be undetectable. It was for smuggling larger things, and sometimes people, off planet. The sound of many feet on metal rang through the ships hull, the ship groaned and threatened to break apart. Then all the movement stopped.

"We found it sir." Said a voice from outside.

"Good." Said the voice of the suited man. "Lets get back to Terr'azule, I dislike being in such filthy, low places." There was silence, then the sound of an engine starting, then getting further away.

Jan slowly opened the hatch and stepped into the cockpit of the ship and trading business he had just inherited.

The End

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