Terra Pax- The Dragon War


"Sumus Bellum iam hand procul... Bellum Futurum... Filia Regis, tuum fatum est pugnare... Terra Pax vertetur in Terra Bellum... est per vos populum salutem, tantum tanc pax erit vobis..."

("we are now not far from the war... the war of the future... Daughter of the King, your fate is to fight... the Land of Peace shall become the Land of War... By you is the salvation of the people, only then shall you have peace...")

Chapter One

Bella shot upright, blinking rapidly in the dim early-morning light. Heart racing and breathing quickly, she dropped her head into her hands and massaged her temples, trying to displace the the echoes of the voice from her dream.

She lay back against the soft white sheets of her four-poster bed, mulling over the contents of tonights dream. Again, it had been about the war. "Bellum Futurum", the war of the future, or so it was called. Bella had been having dreams lately, prophetic dreams- and all told of an on-coming war; a war that would erase Terra Pax from existance, forever.

Feeling jumpy and restless, Bella swung out of bed and padded barefoot to the window, leaning her head against the cool glass. The dreams were beginning to worry her- they were becoming more frequent; almost every night she heard the voices within her mind. And the message they portrayed was becoming urgent. "It is your destiny to fight", that was the message of tonight's dream- and that, more than anything, is what pierced her heart with fear.

She, Bellator, youngest of three daughters to the King and Queen of Terra Pax, fight in a war? The idea was incomprehensible. She was just 17, and untrusted even to walk the grounds of the palace alone. To aspire to leave the palace grounds was futile, for the King and Queen treated her as a child- she was followed everywhere by her servant and minder, the 20 year old Pacifus. He was the son of her father's faithful consultant, Clarus, and he took his duties exceedingly seriously- he followed her even to the restroom, and waited for her while she was inside. But he was a generous and kind-hearted man, and they got on well together.

Bella surveyed the palace grounds from her viewpoint at the window. They stretched for miles, rolling meadows and fertile fields galore, tended daily by the royal team of gardeners. She could see the gardeners at work now, about 100 men and women altogether, going about their various tasks under the lightening sky. In the distance, Bella could just see the North boundary wall. Rising ominously into the sky, it blocked Bella's view of the villages beyond; and in doing so, it mocked her- for she longed to be among the people there, to experience the world of Terra Pax outside of the palace grounds. But she knew in her heart that it would not happen, for once her parents learned of her latest dream, they would tighten her security tenfold- and they would find out whether she wanted them to or not, for Pacifus was exceedingly perceptive, and could read her thoughts as if they were an open book. Sighing heavily, Bella turned from the window, resigning herself to dressing and preparing for another long day of mundane palace duties and confinement.

The End

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