Chapter 1

Terra is an alchemist who lives in the island of Aruba. She is one of a very few dying clan of people who are able to wield the powers of alchemy, and most people are not good at the art. When an old man comes by and zaps her onto an adventure, all she can do is hope that she can save the world from the powers of the philosophers stone in time.

          “Per virtutem alchemia!” she called out. A transmutation circle appeared below her feet, blowing a magical wind about the room. She grasped the staff in her hands and pointed it at the vase right in front of her. A second transmutation circle appeared beneath the vase.
          “Decrusto!” The vase began to disintegrate, tuning into a pile of power before her very eyes. She then raised the staff over her head and yelled “Ordino!”
          The powder started to separate into different, smaller piles. Each pile was comprised of a different component used to make the clay pot, including the paint on the outside.
          *Yes! I did it right this time!*
          This skill was a rare skill known as separation. Mastered by a very few number of alchemists. She placed her staff on the ground, and allowed it to sink into a small transmutation circle that appeared.
          She then collected the different powders into separate glass bottles.
          She walked into the next room, which was much bigger, and comprised of a lady standing behind a desk, and a bunch of shelves filled with different flasks, bottles, and vases. Walking up to the desk, she deposited the bottles.
          "Good job, Terra! I knew I could count on you." said the lady
          Terra smiled
          "Anytime, I'm glad I could be of some help!"
          "And here is your payment for a job well done!" The lady handed Terra 17 Florin "And come back tomorrow, because I have some more work for you to do."
          "Will do, Thanks again!" waved Terra as she was walking out the door.
          It was a bright sunny day in Aruba. The wind blew across the dust on the ground as she headed across the scarcely populated village to get to her hut on the other side. She was known as the town alchemist.
          She got into her hut. it was a small place with bare walls and a bed. But that was all she needed it for. She was exhausted, and decided to take a quick nap before continuing on.
          She collasped on her bed, grabbed her pillow, and drifted off into a quick sleep.          While she was sleeping, she heard a voice. It seemed to be talking in some sort of foreign language, and was very far off. What was that voice? Who did it belong to?
          She awoke, hearing it closer now. She walked outside her cabin and came almost face to face with a bizarre looking old man.
          "Ahhh!" she jumped back
          "No need to fear a poor old geezer like myself" he chuckled
          Terra stared at him. He had on an odd robe, very long and thick, like the ones she saw in old books from the library.
          "What... do you want?" she asked, trying to sound polite in her bewilderment
          "You're an alchemist, am I right?"
          Oh, -she wipes her forehead- it was just someone asking for help
          "Yes, yes I am" Terra said with a smile. "How can I be of ser-"
          "Good, good" the old man inturrupted. "You are needed at the gate. You must prevent the future, as it is said it will pass."
          "W-wait a minute, what? Prevent the future? From who?"
          "You will find out in due time, dear child. But now, we musn't waste any" said the old man, raising his hands to the side. "All I can do is send you to the general location, you must figure out the rest yourself"
          "No, wait a minute!" Terra called, but the old man started to chant a spell.
          Suddenly, the sand beneath her feet felt like quicksand, and started to pull her into the depths of the earth.
          "He-help!" she called out, but the old man was mumbling words under his breath and ignored her.
          She tried to summer her magic to get her out, but she could no breath. The sand was crushing her chest. Sending her under. She raised her hand, feeling as the sand slowly covered it up as well.
          She tried to breath, but could not. But she could not feel the crushing sand anymore. What was this? How? That is the last thing she thought before she passed out.

The End

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