A modern take on Taming of the Shrew

Nathan Cross was a geek. I first realized this, when my mother brought him over to our house to tutor me- on basically everything. Science, math, life, social skills.
Social skills, can you believe it? The guy had been there for ten minutes, rearranging his pencils on the dining room table and smoothing out the pages of his notebook, and he had yet to say one word to me. In this time I studied his features. His chestnut hair, was disheveled, much like the rest of his outfit, and his eyes were a freaky shade of electric blue, borderline purple. He wore a Pink Floyd shirt, and faded jeans, with scoffs in them, and not the designer scoffs but the real ones. It was an eyesore.

"See something you like?" Nathan asked, without bothering to look up from his paper smoothing

Was he kidding? Did he know who I was? "My boyfriend is a Marine," I said, as if that would clear up the confusion.

Nathan arched an eyebrow. "You are sixteen."

I knew where he was going with this so I shrugged noncommittally. "Mentally I'm eighteen."

Nathan held up a cardboard piece of paper to his nose. It took me a minute to realize what it was. My report card. I'm pretty sure, I looked comical, you know; slack jawed and bug eyed.
He waved the card in front of me. "This says otherwise Mya. This says mentally you're fourteen."

I snatched the report card out of his hand, outraged that my mother would give this to him. "I have street smarts," I said defensively.

"You're mother says-"

I cut him off right there. "Okay, my mother is going through her third divorce, and a midlife crisis." I studied him once more before adding, "Apparently".

Nathan didn't even seem offended, he just studied me with a mildly bored expression, which irked me way more than it should have. There was something in his demeanor, that made me want to push him even harder and watch those freak eyes light up with emotion. "So, Nate. My mother is in the same spin class as your's, which I presume you already know. Most likely they got to talking about their children. I'm sure my mother heard about you, took pity on you and bro-"

Nathan stood up abruptly, scrapping the chair against the floor. With haste he gathered his supplies. "Presume? That's a big word for you. I'll see you tomorrow."

I glanced at the grandfather clock and stood up. "Wh, where are you going? Our session isn't over."

Nathan's mouth curved into a Cheshire smile. "I have to wash my hair." He said mockingly, before heading out the door.

I simply stared after him. This was going to be a long summer.

The End

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