Teresa's story

Just a little story I thought of, real or not, you decide. Hope you guys read it, and thankyou. This, is Teresa's story.

She was once a little girl, reading children books, admiring fairytale and the happy endings. What typical little girl's do. She always believed whenever saw her family that her family was a fairytale, the perfect family ever known.

She never noticed, until later on, that her family was already starting to have cracks in it. Only when she was older, she realized this whole thing all started when her daddy started to drink and smoke.

What she couldn't help but remember was the memories of him drunk, the memories that haunts her in her sleep and when she's awake.

She was crying as she watched her dad drank more and more of the white liquor, as if he doesn't have a limit. She watched helplessly as her dad bang around in the living room. She stood frozen in shock as her dad shouted at her and her sister, multitasking with drinking more white liquor and overturning fruiters. The siblings watched on as their dad kept on doing damage, unable to move, scared to make a mistake. She snapped out of her frozen trance, and wanted to desperately race upstairs, lock the room, and hide under the covers where she always go when she's scared. She tried to run, she remembered, she really tried, pulling her still frozen sister with her. She didn't get far when he heard a shout.

She slowly turned around, and saw her daddy looking at her. His face crazed as he shouted for her to stop going upstairs and stand there looking at what his doing. She cried even harder when he continued to yell, not caring about the neighbors, not caring about his children, no, he was too far drunk to care about anything but the white liquor.

As she looked around, trying to find a way to help, she saw the blood. She watched as her dad hitting the wall with his fist, with his face. She watched as the blood got on the wall, and everywhere. She couldn't do anything, but cry. She's too scared to do much, after all, she was just a little kid. She thought her and her sister couldn't escape from this terror, until, somebody rang the door bell.

She remembered as she quickly ran to the door, and saw her cousin there. Her cousin's face mirrored hers, with terror, when she saw what happened. Her cousin quickly composed herself, and told the little girl's daddy that she's going to take the siblings for a sleepover.

Her daddy agreed, but, when the siblings went, the reason wasn't for a sleepover. Her cousin told her, that the sibling’s mother thought something might happen, and told the cousin to come and get them. Her mother was right, but what the siblings saw, couldn't be erased from their mind.

Ever since then, she had a great fear that never told anybody about. Every time she sees beer or smoke, she felt the hatred and fear. The memories still burned in her mind, crying out to him, but unable to stop him.

She knew that right then, her outlook of life was changed. At such a young age, a girl who believed in peace, happiness, fairy tales, happy endings, stopped and turned into a young girl who wants nothing to do with any of those things.

She abhors alcohol, but she hates a specific kind, white liquor. It was the kind that got her dad to be so addicted, the kind that ruined her once happy family.

She lives on, with the memory never going away. She changed, and nobody found the little girl that was once there anymore.

Whenever somebody asks, she tells them that the little girl disappeared, gone, forever, with no further explanation.

She never told anybody this, because she doesn't trust anybody enough.

And you know what? This story? It's Teresa's story, even though it doesn't mean much to anyone, she's proud of her self because she can tell the story, and finally move on from the horrid past.

The End

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