To those who are unfamiliar with the various strains of Psilocybin mushrooms I feel there is much to be gained for anybody of a physically & psychologically healthy condition by knowing of there effect and nature.

Firstly, even though they are dangerous drugs, that is only dependent on the individual, hence any stable good natured person could never be sent into a self-destructive or murderous rampage if they didn’t already have such disorders or dispositions to irrational impulses already fundamentally tattooed in there brain and body.

The good natured individual is quite contrarily effected by the chemistry, having the logical capacity to respect the body and the shroom, this is how many find clarity and peace through inter-dimensional, introspective ’Tripping’.

My own personal experiences vary greatly. My first ever trip with some Mexican Cubensis was at a young age of about fifteen, so I was somewhat oblivious to the aspects of a trip other than the superficial ‘visuals’, which was the bulk of my curiosity at the time.

I wound up with a lot of philosophical insights and went to sleep in the most peaceful daze I’d known since I could remember.

However this trip with the friendly cubensis was only a dip into the glistening and thunder-struck Ocean that is the wrath of Teonanacatl.

Teonanacatl. The Aztec name for the Mushroom-translates as ‘the flesh of God’. These beasts are not to be treated with the clumsy respect of merely ’having a crack-up’, there are lessons to be learned, and with profound spiritual revelations and gratitude, one can prevail


As time went by I had taken the opportunity to munch a moderate handful of Mushrooms and took to heart the real importance of set and setting. These are crucial elements to any trip, especially a Psilocybin trip where the slightest vibe of imminent ugliness can blossom into a real ‘fight or flight’ paranoia wave. The Set is to make sure one another are safe, secure and comfortably familiar with the environment. Setting is to be sure that all is controllable within the environment and that you feel you are confident and relaxed within your knowledge of your surroundings. Say if you were to be home at 6pm one Thursday night with mates and you’re tripping you’re tits off half an hour before you’re parents come home, then you might find yourself in a difficult setting, or perhaps you think to yourself while coming up on the first rush that a trip to the Pub would be great, you might want to think carefully.

So one night in a stupor from about four joints, six beers and a bottle of cheap white wine shared with two dizzy headed local girls, I literally stumbled upon some fantastic Mushrooms not a hundred yards from my house. I later learned these were Psilocybe Cyanascens, one of the more potent strains of psychedelic mushroom. Apparently the caps that grow out of wood-chippings are somehow among the strongest. The caps I happened upon are known as ‘wavy caps’ and vary in physical features.

The untrained eye would never even look twice at them due to there small and slimy appearance.

These gave an onset of effects that I was not expecting but was somehow prepared for. Surprisingly taking an whole hour to take full effect, I was dumbstruck and euphoric with my entire situation.

I began to tell myself “No way is this happening” and “I can’t believe this is actually happening”, in disbelief of the results I was experiencing, but after an hour had passed there was no question about it. I was fucked. I began seeing Characters on the Sopranos DVD I’d been watching melt and morph and contort like I’d never seen before. Also an important new found aspect was the ‘spirit’ of the mushroom. Even before I’d even eaten the buggers I already had a expansion in perception, definitely reminiscent of previous trips, but I could feel that the surroundings of the location they grew from had some part of it.

As I grew more and more ecstatic with the results I started towards the window and gazed out in awe. The silence was like an enormity far greater than most sound (huh?) I took deep breaths of air and marvelled in the enhanced surroundings. I felt like I was dreaming, things I’d see felt like they were alive and talking to me, like through telepathy! Then I looked over to see a one-hundred year old church evaporate windows first into steam!

Things get very hazy after this as I actually darted back down the road for another handful of mushroom and washed them down with gulps of wine and a leftover spliff of skunk on my return. This totalled my dose to around six Grams. At some point about two hours post ingestion I slipped into a sort of misty walking dream. I remember coming too at some point, feeling very far gone from reality, yet conscious, then somehow thought for a minute in horror that I’d killed somebody, done something so horrific that now I was too insane to realise I’d done it. This madness was the result of the graphical scenes of violence so sensationally well portrayed in the marathon of Sopranos I’d been involved in prior to the trip but thankfully passed soon after I gathered my wits, much like when you awaken from a nightmare when you are delirious with fever.

Sounds bad huh? Well I was so adrift in a reverie of mystical proportions that I was just ‘going with the flow’ which then entered into the ‘Clarity of Mind’ state where you feel a euphoric appreciation for the moment and the stillness of time feels like the moment is stretching into eternity. Otherwise known as ‘time dilation’ this state is where one has a near unlimited access to aspects of there life and the memories that led to there existence that day.

This wave is often where a lot of ‘consciousness expansion’ happens and affords new outlooks on life & your own future, helps to build up a sense of peace and gratitude with your own life.

Many people enjoy a sense of dream-like creativity in there thoughts and become very ‘at peace’ with the simple doing of things in there everyday life. This in a nutshell can be described as an ‘Afterglow’ and it is part of the Knowledge seeking potentials that a good handful of ‘The Wise Old Mushroom’ are capable of providing.


And enough of that spiritual mumbo-jumbo, huh?

The End

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